Hi There!

My name is Tanya Anguita.  I love to capture your joy, your connection, your passion, your silliness, and your whimsy, and also to catch those meaningful, feeling-filled moments that show the uniqueness of the bond and deep emotion shared between you and those you love. If we can share a laugh and find some delight in the process, all the better.  

I am a people-centric photographer because I love the fleeting moments that define the passage of time, capturing joy and authenticity, and because I am passionate about helping other people to feel more comfortable, relaxed and vibrant in front of a camera. I see people as inherently beautiful and love to show you your best You.  The You that is engaged and in tune with your happiness and with the love, connection and laughter you enjoy with your partner and your loved ones. (I have a fondness for terrible jokes though, so brace yourself for bad puns, and consider yourself forewarned.)

I am uniquely qualified to understand the nuances of a wedding day because I have been in 21 weddings myself and have shot many more.  I am grateful to all of the amazing friends who have asked me to stand by their side as on their Special Day.  I’m not quite Katharine Heigl (27 Dresses anyone?), but I do UNDERSTAND weddings.  The flow, the bumps, the joys and the magic of the wedding day itself.  I’m happy to offer suggestions and advice if you want it along the way, or to just be a supporting player in the glory of your wedding day. 

I live in Northern California with my kind and loving partner, and my sassy, delightful daughter.  I came to motherhood late in life and I’m doing my best to be as in the moment with all of it as I can.  She is my joy and my most intense mirror and I am grateful for the growth that has come with the process of parenting.  When I am shooting for myself, I do my best to capture the small moments that create the whole picture for our family…the fairy house in the back yard, the dolls in conversation, the puddles being splashed in, the laughter and the very silly faces…so that she and we don’t forget.   

These are some of the things I currently want to cherish.  How about you? 

I would love to hear from you to discuss what you’d like to keep in your photographic time capsule.  

A few random fun facts about me:

In addition to being a photographer, I am a performer — I sing, dance, and act. 

I helped to found a Cancan Troupe that is still going strong in the Bay Area.

I have an unnatural fondness for Almond Milk Chai Lattes (though I don’t drink them much these days) and those Chocolate Oranges that only seem to surface during the holidays.

I love to garden.

I make really good jam and am learning to make really good pickles. YUM!

Being by the ocean (or really any body of moving water) and/or in a forest makes me feel like a saner and better human being.  Nature of all kinds feeds my soul.

I look forward to meeting you soon!