Welcome!  I’m so glad you’re here! 

I’m Tanya (she/her), a Northern California based photographer who loves travelling all over the San Francisco Bay Area and surrounding counties to capture your joy & connection, your passion & love, your whimsy & laughter, and to catch those meaningful, feeling-rich moments that show the uniqueness of the bond and deep emotion shared between you and those you love.  Love is Love is Love and I can’t wait to capture yours! 

I specialize in wedding, maternity and family photography with an additional fondness for solo portraiture and headshots.  Basically, if people are in the photos, I’m happy. *grin*

I am passionate about helping other people to feel more comfortable, relaxed and vibrant in front of a camera. I see people as inherently beautiful and would love the opportunity to show you your best You.  The You that is engaged, honest, and deeply connected/present with yourself, your partner and your loved ones. 

As a mother and photographer, I have a particular affinity for maternity and family photography.  I favor a lifestyle photography approach for this particular branch of my work as I feel that it best captures the fleeting moments that define the passage of time. I place emphasis on connection, playfulness, and authenticity, not on sitting still and smiling at the camera.

I am also uniquely qualified to understand the nuances of a wedding day as I have been in 21 (yes, twenty-one 😮 ) weddings myself — think Katharine Heigl in “27 Dresses” only less neurotic. *grin*. I have, of course, shot many more.  I love weddings.  I UNDERSTAND weddings.  The flow, the bumps, the planning, and the joys and the magic of the wedding day itself. I also know how quickly the hours go by and I want you to have the photos that will help you to remember your beautiful wedding day for years to come. 

Fun facts about me: 

  • I live with my kind and loving partner, and my sassy, delightful daughter in Northern California. We all have a deep and abiding fondness for bad puns and terrible jokes.  I have a tendency to spring these on unsuspecting clients in sessions.  Be forewarned. 😉 

  • In addition to being a photographer, I am a performer (singer, dancer, and actor).  In fact, mumble-years ago I helped to found a Cancan Troupe that is still going strong in the Bay Area. 

  • I garden, cook, bake, make excellent jam and am learning to make good pickles.  

  • I have an unnatural fondness for almond-milk chai lattes, fizzy water, and those chocolate oranges that only seem to surface during the holidays.

  • Being by the ocean (or really any body of moving water) and/or in a forest helps me to feel like a saner and better human being.  Nature of all kinds feeds my soul.

I very much look forward to meeting and spending time with you soon!